Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21 Organizational Challenge.

Yes. I am WAY behind.  My friend had her baby last week and I watched her oldest while she was in the hospital.  Sorry I have been MIA for such a long time, but I am back! 

But, I can say one thing, I STARTED AND FINISHED!

Okay, get a cup of coffee or grab a box of cookies because you are going to be here for awhile! 

Day #21 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Whatever)
I organized my serving and cooking utinsils.  I forgot to take a before photo.  Here is my after:

Day #20 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Photos)



All of my photos right now are in containers in a storage closet.  Before the photos were scattered in all the closets and in my china cabinet.  Now they are all in a container in my storage closet.  I am waiting on my friend to come over and have a scrapebook party....hint hint.

Day #19 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Master Closet)



Day #18 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Keepsakes)

My husband and I have currently shrunk our keepsakes photos, awards, school books to one box each.  We put our things in containers and stored them in a storage closet. 

Day #17 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Mail Station)

Day #16 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Organizing the Fridge)

Day #15 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Medicine/Vitamin Organization)

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  1. phew... you did it!!! Everything looks great. I admire your stick to it ness. I finished my pantry this weekend but decided not to blog about it or link up. But I am starting on the weekly challenge :)
    I hope you have a restful week after your super busy weekend :)