Monday, January 31, 2011

Revamp on a ladder

Calvert Slipcovered Sofa, Down-Blend Cushions, Twill Camel

My hasband was thumbing through my Pottery Barn catalog and came across this page and said, "I know what you can do!  Do you see anything that we have?"

Indeed I did!  I believe my husband got the ladder from his parents.


Old and not sturdy to use. 

You can see the abuse it took.

I painted the ladder white

Sanded the edges to look distressed.

After I sanded the ladder I had some leftover wood stain from other projests that I used to darken the wood.

I am thinking of making the ladder darker.  What do you think keep or darken?

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Weekly Challenges Starting Sunday!

Day #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21 Organizational Challenge.

Yes. I am WAY behind.  My friend had her baby last week and I watched her oldest while she was in the hospital.  Sorry I have been MIA for such a long time, but I am back! 

But, I can say one thing, I STARTED AND FINISHED!

Okay, get a cup of coffee or grab a box of cookies because you are going to be here for awhile! 

Day #21 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Whatever)
I organized my serving and cooking utinsils.  I forgot to take a before photo.  Here is my after:

Day #20 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Photos)



All of my photos right now are in containers in a storage closet.  Before the photos were scattered in all the closets and in my china cabinet.  Now they are all in a container in my storage closet.  I am waiting on my friend to come over and have a scrapebook party....hint hint.

Day #19 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Master Closet)



Day #18 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Keepsakes)

My husband and I have currently shrunk our keepsakes photos, awards, school books to one box each.  We put our things in containers and stored them in a storage closet. 

Day #17 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Mail Station)

Day #16 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Organizing the Fridge)

Day #15 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Medicine/Vitamin Organization)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day #12, #13, and #14 - Organizational Challenge

I have taken a break from the computer for a couple of days. Now, I have to play catch up.

Day #12 - Organizational Challenge (Spice Cabinet)



Day #13 - Organizational Challenge (Medicine Cabinet)

I don't know what happend to my before, but if you look at my before spice cabinet, you know that it was a wreck!


Day #14 - Organizational Challenge (Under the Bathroom Sink)


What do your cabinets look like?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friday Family Night Party

Every Friday I will host a Family Night.

It is FRIDAY!!  I can't believe how quick the week went....

Tonight was so much fun.  I didn't know what we were going to eat and after I cleaned out my freezer and fridge from the Organizational Challenge I saw bacon and got hungry.  My husband came home and we started talking about, "What's for Dinner?" drill.  Then he said what about breakfast?  YEAH!  I love him. 

Family Night for the Gomez family was breakfast for dinner followed by flashcards and reading before bedtime.  It was a hit with the kids!

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