Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ice Cream Pops

Sorry I haven't been blogging, my oldest is playing T-ball, my girl is in Ballet, and my youngest is in gymnastics.  Did I mention taking them back and forth to school!  You know how it is.....

I helped host a baby shower not to long ago and made these super cute ice cream pops for the

Items you will need:
Ice cream cones (any kind)
Cake mix in the box (any flavor).  I used chocolate cake mix
frosting (any flavor).  I used chocolate frosting
Wilton Candy Melts  (I got mine at Michael's)
Peanut M&Ms

1.   Bake cake as directed.  Let cool

2.   Take the cool cake and with two hands crumble it up in a mixing bowl.
3.   Mix Frosting in the crumbled cake.  It turns into a big mushy mess.
4.   Scoop about 3 - 4 tbls of cake and put it in the palm of your hand.  Roll into a ball.  (This part is  messy).  It is easier if you have someone helping.  Now when you are rolling the cake into a ball the size depends on how big your cones are.  The first time I did this I used mini cones, so my cake balls where not that big. 

Here is a picture of my mini ice cream pops.

5.    Place cake ball on ice cream cone

6.   You need an assembly line of melted candy melts, sprinkles, and red peanut m&ms.
7.  Melt Wilton Candy as directed.  Scoop candy melt on a clean spoon and tap it on the cake ball.  if it runs down that is fine it looks like the ice cream is melting.  Add your sprinkles, red m&m, and quickly put it in the freezer to cool the candy melts.  Keep repeating until finished.
8.  After candy is hard remove from freezer put in tuppaware, cover, and put in refrigerator.  Good for the next day.