Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to Make the Flower Vase

  Thank you to Goosie Girl for her brilliant ideas, I thought this was a pretty cool idea....making a flower vase to match the baby shower theme!  I found scrapbook paper that I just loved, pink/brown, which I will show you later DIY.  Making my rounds through my favorite store, Hobby lobby, I stumbled on frabic that MATCHES my scrapbook paper!  I was all on it....

Here is what you will need:

Empty Paint can  Lowes $4
Hotglue Gun
I didn't take all the picture of how to, so I will walk you through it. 
1.  Remove the handle on the paint can
2.  Hot glue the padding around the can
3.  Wrap and hot glue the can with with your fabic
4.  Add ribbon around the can

Super easy

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